Beyond Powder Coatings Ltd.

We are a young energetic powder coating manufacturing company who puts strong commitment to our products and services. During the past years, we have gained tremendous amount of experience through interaction with people and clients, that helps us to make better decision on product selection, marketing development and service improvement.


We strongly believe by putting the hard work with our talented people, we can become the most efficient powder coating supplier across North America. Our color matching service is usually be done in less than a week, accomplish fast turn around is a cost-effective way to create more value to our customers. 


We are also proudly to produce products which some of our competitors are not competent with. This can be achieved because we always take customer's request seriously, we would like to spend time and effort working on solve customer's problems, always trying to provide alternatives to attain better economical solutions. We will constantly strive to make quality product, provide best customer experience by seeking continuous improvement. 

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