We offer superior performance powder coatings for many industrial applications. Our high quality powder coatings are presented in a wide range of different technologies such as:

  • Polyester TGIC

  • Polyester TGIC-Free

  • Epoxies

  • Polyester-Epoxy Hybrids

  • Polyurethane

  • High Temperature Resistance

  • Antimicrobial Coatings


We also provide many types of surface appearance finishes and this can be done across most of the gloss range including:

  • Smooth

  • Sand Texture

  • River Texture

  • Wrinkle Texture

  • Hammer Tone

  • Metallic

  • And More!


We are able to conduct a series of in-house powder coating performance testing which includes but not limited to corrosion and weathering test to ensure the quality and durability the powder we produced. We understand the time is a very critical factor and projects delay will trigger unnecessary lost to our customers. Therefore our team is trained to put strong commitment to provide the best customer experience to our customers by offering fast turnaround and more economical cost. No matter you are big or small, our production team are skilled and competent to make your orders on time!

High-rise Buildings



Beyond Powder offers AAMA 2604 products for architectural industry with third party’s testing results and certification.​​

Limited Warranty is also available. AAMA 2604 products have excellent transfer efficiency and extremely long-lasting life cycles. Primer is not required for this type of powder coating. Curing cycle is very standard at 400F.

Custom color match is also available for this type series of powder coating.


Large Tractor






Beyond Powder offers super durable powder coating which provides outstanding mechanical resistance including extra exterior durability, excellent chemical protection and great impact resistance. Gloss level can be achieved form semi-gloss to high gloss.


Art Style_edited.jpg




Beyond Powder offers extensive selection of smooth, sandtex, river texture and metallic powder coatings that provide excellent finish to exterior and interior furniture.


This type of powder coating is easy to apply, clear coat is not a requirement for most of the colors, which means single coat with extra UV resistant will be more cost effective for most of the furniture applications. 


Empty Locker Room



Beyond Powder offers coatings that suitable for a variety of substrates and applications in the general industries.

UL approved ANSI ASA series colors are available and have been comprehensively assessed to the strict requirements of the major OEM manufacturers. High heat resistant powder coating is also available to serve the specific industry.  Clear coats across all gloss level from matt to super high gloss are presented to serve the gym equipment, sports equipment and other general industries. 






Beyond Powder offers a variety selection of specialty colors that specifically designed for car wheel industries including bonded metallic colors, highly reflective illusion colors and super high gloss finish powder coatings.


Our out-gassing primer is also a very popular product that suitable for aluminum wheels to provide extra layer of protection against extreme corrosion environment.




Beyond Powder offers a complete range of RAL color series across gloss levels from matt to high gloss. Over 350 stock colors for customer to decide and select.​

We are the most convenient powder supplier in the industry to support your custom coating demands. Fast turnaround in color matching to Pantone colors, Benjamin Moore colors and customer’s specified colors to provide a broad range of performance and application requirements for the end user. Most of the orders can be shipped out from same day, and customers can quote your jobs quickly by our rapid response and economical price.